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In China, a security fair seems to be all about you having

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ASUS Releasing New 20 GPU Cryptocurrency Mining MotherboardASUS has designed a new cryptocurrency mining motherboard that has 20 PCIe goose outlet canada over USB slots onboard that can handle the same number of GPUs. They previously released canada goose outlet uk fake a 19 GPU mining board which used PCIe x1 slots to handle the GPU load. The new canada goose jacket outlet toronto board is going to be demonstrated canada goose outlet toronto factory at Computex 2018 in Taipei and should hit the market sometime after the show. This isn’t new technology because others have released canada goose outlet washington dc similar, but I believe this is a first by canada goose outlet store near me a major motherboard maker and it might be something canada goose outlet phone number miners would like to purchase since it will come with a nice warranty. All of you [H] miners need to chime in and let me know if this is something you’ve been looking for.Now We Can 3D canada goose outlet shop Print New CorneasBelieve it or not, over 15M people a year need cornea transplant only 44,000 are completed due to lack of supply. Because of this, the scientists from Newcastle University have developed a way to 3D print corneas using a new “bio ink” technique. They can build a new cornea with canada goose outlet factory the printer in less than ten canada goose outlet in new york minutes. They scan the patient’s eye and the new cornea should be the exact size and shape of the cornea it will replace. This bodes well for the future of 3D printed body parts. Check out the video of a cornea printing.Consumer Reports Just Reversed canada goose outlet store uk its Stance on the Tesla Model 3Last week Consumer Reports withheld its recommendation on the Tesla Model 3 after braking canada goose jacket outlet store defects were found by CR testers. This didn’t sit well with Elon Musk and he quickly contacted CR to tell them Tesla found the defect in the braking system and had fixed it with an over the air update. This resulted in CR giving the Model 3 its endorsement and Mr. Musk is now happy with this media outlet. Kind of funny when you think about it since he’s been ranting about fake news lately.Twitter Blocking Users Who Were Underage When canada goose outlet nyc They Signed UpTwitter is blocking users who canada goose outlet ottawa were underage when they signed up for the service. This is in response to the GDPR that recently became active. As a matter of fact they are suspending those users even if they are old enough to sign up for the service now. Anyway, there is light at the end of the tunnel because some users have reported they are able to get their account back if they submit proof of age. Blocking these accounts seems like canada goose outlet vip overkill to me, however, I can understand that the law of unintended consequences is working here with the GDPR.Cyberstalking is More Effective With VenmoMobile peer to peer payment app Venmo is great for splitting a dinner bill or canada goose outlet buffalo giving a friend gas money, but according to a report from MarketWatch, it’s also great at helping you spy on people! In Venmo, transactions are public by default, so while the amount of the transfer is hidden, your payment activity shows who you canada goose outlet boston are sending payments to, and what for if you canada goose parka uk put in a description of the canada goose outlet germany payment. This allows any would be sleuth to find out if you’ve been spending time with someone you shouldn’t have, or spending canada goose clothing uk money on less than legal things.Doesn’t anyone just use cash to buy their drugs anymore As creepy as this is, there are a few things to take away. First is don’t put information you don’t want online. Second is if someone spends hours reading your canada goose kensington parka uk transaction history, be thankful that they are your ex.Ben Ryan, a 28 year canada goose outlet store new york old Jersey Shore resident, came across an old fling on Venmo and couldn resist checking to see what he had been up to. “I saw his name come up and I was, like, ‘Oh, this is going to be good,'” Ryan told MarketWatch. “I couldn believe I was actually doing canada goose outlet in uk this. I was going back to canada goose outlet houston 2016. I sat in bed and scrolled.”Intellivision Announces New ConsoleIn news that no one expected, benzinga is reporting that Intellivision is going to canada goose shop uk release a new family video game console. Industry veteran Tommy Tallarico has been named President of canada goose premium outlet Intellivision Entertainment, and is bringing with him original Intellivision team members to create the new console.I was never an Intellivision guy, went from canada goose jacket uk Atari to NES, canada goose outlet florida to Genesis to PC, with a smattering of canada goose outlet new york city other consoles here and there canadagooseparks since. It’s very cool that they are wanting to stay to their roots, as well as bringing back original team members. Hopefully they will bring some original ideas with them.”I grew up playing Intellivision with my parents and younger brother,” says Tallarico. “It was always my favorite system because the games were cutting edge, yet fun and simple to play so our entire family could enjoy them together. I find those important elements to generally be lacking from our industry with the current canada goose outlet official modern gaming consoles. Our goal is to change that by focusing on bringing all age groups and levels of gamers and non gamers together while canada goose outlet las vegas introducing new generations of people to the canada goose outlet authentic legacy success of the Intellivision brand.”Beijing Security Fair For Security SpyingWhen you think of a “security fair,” you likely think of an event that is based canada goose outlet new york around things being more secure for you. In China, a security fair seems to be all about you having less security from all sort canada goose outlet online uk of surveillance on you. It is called the China International Exhibition on Police Equipment. This is a fairly long read over on Reuters, but let me give you some excerpts from the article to give you an idea what is going on, on the other side of the globe, but will assuredly be delivered to us here in the USA in some form or another soon.The China International Exhibition on Police Equipment is something canada goose outlet uk sale of a one stop canada goose outlet michigan shop for China police forces looking to arm up with the latest in “black tech” a term widely used to refer to cutting edge surveillance gadgets.It can crack your smartphone password in seconds, rip personal data from call and messaging apps, and peruse your contact book.Beijing based Hisign Technology said its desktop and portable phone scanners can retrieve even deleted data from over 90 mobile applications on smart phones, including overseas platforms like Facebook and Twitter.”We are actually using these kinds of scanners in Xinjiang already, but I am interested in this one as it claims to be more successful with iOS phones than other brands,” said the policeman, surnamed Gu, who traveled 3,000 kilometers to attend the fair. He declined to provide his given name.The robot, shaped like R2 D2 from “Star Wars”, but canada goose outlet hong kong with red flashing “ears” and over a dozen sensors and cameras, can identify people in a crowd, engage in conversations and broadcast police announcements.The Ministry of Public Security, which hosted the Beijing fair, did not respond to a request for comment.AMD Ryzen 2700 CPU on Sale at Ebay NeweggI just got done building all the graphs for our canada goose outlet orlando AMD Ryzen canada goose vest outlet 2700 review, which will be up canada goose outlet shortly. Newegg has the Ryzen 7 2700 for sale over on Ebay for $255, which is selling elsewhere for $290. The 2700X sells for $320. Not to give away our results from our Ryzen 2700 testing, but if you are going to be using high end cooling and overclocking your Ryzen, the 2700 looks to be a very good deal at $255. If you are going to be using mid to low end or stock cooling, the 2700X is still the way to go and just rely on Precision Boost 2.Charlie Demerjian always has an interesting opinion to share, and today is no different. Charlie is suggesting that Intel’s recent 10nm “launch” is simply a PR stunt to save its stock price. I highly suggest going over and giving his supporting hypothesis a read as he has put together a canada goose outlet store toronto very good article.

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