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Any leaks and cracks in the rubber can simply be covered with

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Had a resentment of the art market and wanted to prove they could deceive it, said Detective Sergeant Vernon Rapley from the Metropolitan Police Art and Antiques Unit in 2007. Was led into it by others, he said. Never have acquired the skill otherwise.

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This was quite clear from the e mail sent in the aftermath of the Jama Masjid firing, which took a dig at the Mumbai police, especially Anti Terrorism Squad chief Rakesh Maria. The mail went on to say that the Mumbai police need not feel happy that they had broken up their organisation and that the IM has not lost its core replica handbags strength and were capable of striking any time. But sources points out that these mails are like an open challenge to the Mumbai police with an underlying message Catch us if you can..

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A group of 20 of us including my girlfriend (I’m female) all went on a holiday together. I had too much to drink so I went to bed early. My girlfriend also had too much to drink so she went to bed with a dude literally in the room next door to me and I woke up alone.

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